Bank of Thailand to retain LTV regulation

To consolidate framework of rules/regulations and clarification on Housing Finance issued by Reserve Bank of India from time to time. B. Classification A statutory directive issued by the Reserve Bank in exercise of the powers conferred by Sections 21 and 35 A of the banking regulation act, 1949.

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PHOTO: The Bank of Thailand says it will relax the Loan to Value (LTV) for homebuyers purchasing residences together and that borrowers or co-borrowers applying for a loan under the first home buyers rule and who do not own any other residence would be given a 90% mortgage on a condominium and 95% for a single detached house and townhouse.

The central bank has implemented the LTV regulation to deal with household debt and speculative activities, which have caused home prices to increase. The central bank insisted that this regulation will benefit first-time home buyers who look for affordable homes. dbs bank Ltd and/or DBSVS, may distribute reports produced by its respective foreign entities, affiliates or other foreign research houses pursuant to an arrangement under Regulation 32C of the Financial Advisers Regulations. Bank.

The bank stated on April 1 that it is working to implement stricter rules on real estate mortgages through the loan to value ratio (LTV). The Bank of Thailand will keep a close eye on the property market, particularly speculative buyers, to prevent real estate issues from turning into a full-blown crisis.

In an effort to reduce speculation in the residential property market, Thailand’s central bank announced new rules at the start of October that will toughen mortgage lending requirements.. Home Loan Regulations Toughen in thailand. 16 november 2018;

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) will not relent on recently introduced macroprudential regulations even though mortgage lending has shown signs of decelerating, NNT reported. The loan-to-value (LTV) rules implemented from April will continue despite lower-than-projected mortgage lending figures this month and the previous one.

Thai Central Bank will not revise loan-to-value (LTV) measures. The central bank has implemented the LTV regulation to deal with household debt and speculative activities, which have caused home prices to increase

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