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The easiest way to add attic insulation is with fiberglass. or fastened between roof rafters. Several types of foam panel are available, but the most common are extruded polystyrene and.

Porous plastic foam is on the cutting edge of insulation for heat, vapor, noise, and other elements.The two major variants of porous plastic foams are open and closed cell foams. Both types of foam are used in everyday products, but because of their structural differences, one type of foam may perform better than the other depending on the desired application.

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We usually use reflective bubble foil or fiberglass or other batt type insulation. I believe that a spray on would leave you with warm strips in the floor above (something you will want to avoid) as it would stop the outward radiation of heat from the tubes.

According to the Insulation. of cellulose, fiberglass, or rock wool fibers or pellets has an R-value of 2.4-4.0. – Rigid foam (extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane,

There are four main types. foam carries an R value of 6.5 whereas 1 and 5/16 polystyrene foam 6.3 (Information courtesy of The Home Depot.) Polyurethane offers better insulation without the added.

Our local spray polyurethane foam contractors can install insulation into new construction or pre-existing properties. Depending on your space, we’ll help you choose between open and closed cell. Besides inside walls, it is also a great insulator for attics, basements and crawl spaces. Closed cell even serves as an excellent flat roof product.

True Air Quality Control. Spray foam insulation helps eliminate drafts and provides improved humidity control due to it’s closed cell structure that is impervious to moisture and reduces dust and pollen allergens within the structure. It does not emit anything, good or bad. It does not disintegrate, unlike fiberglass.

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