‘I want to build a home in Thailand’

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Foreigner’s can buy condos, as long as the ownership of the block is still majority Thai, but it’s harder to own land as a foreigner in Thailand. If you want to build your dream home yourself, you should talk to your lawyers about how this could be achieved. It’s possible for example, to lease land on a 30 year lease and then build.

Traditional thai wood house build. Right so here we are..we are currently at the roof stage of building and i thought now was good to start off the story. Unfortunately names of builders will be difficult as i can rarely remember mine, so me and the wife usually make up names.

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Do you really need to own a condo in Thailand, or a house for that matter? There are a great many reasons for Expats not to build a house here.

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With experience in building and construction in all regions of Thailand for more than 20 years. Sanmanoch & Hofmann can look back on over 150 successful projects. town houses and Town homes, Villas, Pool villas and commercial buildings were always completed and finished to the highest quality standard possible.

Johnny FD has an interesting story to tell. He quit his corporate job in 2008, sold his possessions, and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand to start an online business and become a professional Muay Thai fighter.. In fact, he wrote a book about his experiences called, 12 Weeks in Thailand. Johnny shot, narrated, and edited the video below showing how Thai workers built a house out of bamboo.

If anyone want to own land in Thailand, than they should follow the law and make their roots in Thailand. Many foreigners do living in Thailand and bring their money to spend.