It’s time to stop judging others for enjoying coffee and smashed avo

It’s time to stop judging others for enjoying coffee and smashed avo. It’s time to stop judging others for enjoying coffee and smashed avo. When it comes to our finances, a $4 a day coffee habit or a weekly smashed avo isn’t the problem.

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Enjoy Brunch with a View at Sportivo Tucked away down Brebner Drive, West Lakes is a hidden gem of an eatery called Sportivo . Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s much more than just a stop on your Westfield shopping trip.

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The Sydney Morning Herald 13 mins Comment: Yes, that $22 brunch is going to cost you $1144 a year, but if you’ve chosen smashed avo because it’s cheaper than a boozy dinner out on the town on a Saturday night, then good for you.

We hope you enjoy our coffee, food and hospitality and become a regular part of the Jooma. made its way onto the menu full time due to its mild and flavoursome taste. Served with basmati rice, sambals and chutney.. SMASHED AVO & FETA R60 Perfectly ripe avocado, Danish feta, black pepper.

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It’s time to stop judging others for enjoying coffee and smashed avo Hands up if you’re tired of financial writers exhorting you to give up your daily coffee? Maybe you’ve heard the argument that your $4 a day habit equates to a $1456 yearly bill which if invested at 5 per cent, the compounding value of that foregone daily coffee in twenty years’ time would be $50,009.

We visited this caf on a stop off whilst driving further south. Popular spot on a Saturday morning. We enjoyed the brekkie roll and the smashed avo. Great coffee and plenty of seating out the back which was good for families.