You’ve got mail! (Sorry, it’s your property tax bill)

While you’ve got a lot to deal with after a tropical storm or any disaster, be sure to add checking with your local property tax office to that list. If you have last year’s tax bill, find the office contact info there. If not, you can do an online search.

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Got a bill for property tax. Since I have an escrow account, I shouldn’t have to pay this, right? In the vast majority of cases, it’s in the bank’s interest to make sure your taxes are paid. A tax lien would supercede the bank’s lien; if the house were to be foreclosed to satisfy the debt, the bank would get what’s left after the government gets their share.

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If the IRS sends you a tax bill instead of a refund check don’t panic, there are several ways to manage this and it does not have to be a nightmare for your personal finances. Sometimes people pay fewer taxes during the year than they are supposed to and that is why the IRS comes back with a bill, but don’t panic.

You’ve got mail! junk mail, that is. The average American receives 40 pounds of catalogs and other junk mail every year. That’s approximately 848 pieces of mail you don’t want, and that you spend time sorting. In addition to wasting your time, junk mail wastes our natural resources.

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